Supporting your flight vehicles with engine stands, jacks, system loaders, launch pads, and launchers.  Pyramid Space works hard to lift, pull, and carry your vehicle to success from the ground up.  Pyramid Space additionally supports structures with tooling, assembly jigs, molds for fabrication, and packaging for transport of components or disassembled vehicles.

     Our company strives to be ahead of the game with projects that push the limits of technology and challenges it.  We are innovators in aviation and our goal is to develop hypersonic vehicles.  These vehicles include autonomous vehicles, remotely piloted vehicles, and manned aircraft.  Although we focus on hypersonic aircraft, Pyramid Space has advanced technologies in HALE, lighter than air, micro, military, and spacecraft.

     At Pyramid Space we design and fabricate flight component ground test fixtures for structural and thermal testing.  We also develop load systems, measurement and control systems.  For in-flight testing, Pyramid Space has advanced numerous projects for research into specialized structures, electronics and systems for in-flight component testing.


Ground & Support Structures

Flight & Ground Test Fixtures